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Organic chaga liquid 15-1 Ratio, Alcohol free - Energy mushroom

Organic chaga liquid 15-1 Ratio, Alcohol free - Energy mushroom

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Often referred to as the 'Diamond of Mushrooms'.
Discover the power of organic chaga liquid with COGNIHAX Diamond. Our 100ml liquid dropper is packed with Organic Chaga and spring water that provide powerful mental and physical benefits.

    Organic chaga liquid has been proven to be the highest naturally occurring source of antioxidants, helping to fortify the immune system and improve skin health. This extract is a great energy source without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.
    Pure, concentrated, and alcohol free.

    Strength: Potent 15:1 ratio of Organic Chaga extract -  15g of raw dried Organic Chaga extract makes 1g of extract 

    Dosage: Take 3 half droppers per day (3ml) - 1 half dropper = 1 ml. One bottle is equivalent to 1 month if taken daily.

    How to take: Take neat, add to coffee, tea or your favourite drink or food. 

    Best taken continually to feel the benefit 
    Taste: Slight earthy/coffee taste- in fact used in Finland as a substitute for coffee in 1940's.
    Ingredients: Organic Chaga, Organic spring water - 100% Natural
    Other information:

    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
    • Beta glucans level >20%, 
    • >10% Protein

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