Our story

After years of working in the dog eat dog stressful world of Finance in London and suffering with brain fog, lack of energy and messed up hormones.

Our founders Kaz and Phil, decided to make their health a priority and look for natural ways to become the best versions of themselves.

After years of research and trying lots of different products, we were disappointed in the quality and lack of versatility, we didn’t want a product that contained Caffeine or Alcohol, as both of these gave us a headache!.

Then Cognihax was born...

Our bottles come in a big 100ml bottle:

  • Are alcohol free
  • Are caffeine free.
  • Are versatile (so can be dropped under the tongue, mixed with your favourite food or drink)
  • Fast absorbance (so work quicker)
  • High strength
  • Full fruiting body
  • Lab tested
  • And are mostly organic.

We are passionate about helping people, and making people become the best version of themselves. If you like the product(s) could you please give us a review?. We are a small family business and every positive post/review& like helps other people to find us.

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Become the best version of you..