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Nootropics capsules - cordyceps and ginseng and B12

Nootropics capsules - cordyceps and ginseng and B12

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COGNIHAX BOOST - With cordyceps and ginseng and b12 brings you the ultimate energy and stamina boost! Our unique blend of cordyceps and ginseng, and vitamin B12 helps you power through your day with a renewed sense of vitality. Unlock your full potential - try COGNIHAX BOOST today!

Purpose:  With cordyceps and ginseng - Gain an energy Boost, Brain Stimulation and Body detoxification

Contains per capsule  

CORDYCEPS SINENSIS - 250mg (2 Capsules = 500mg) 

SIBERIAN GINSENG - 150mg  (2 Capsules = 300mg)

VITAMIN B12 - 3mcg (2 Capsules = 6mcg) 

Dose: 1-2 capsules per day. 


  • Cognitive and mental performance
  • Tonic that contributes to the  adaptogenic activity.
  • Physical and mental health/Recovery
  • Immune health
  • B12 - Energy-yielding metabolism
  • B12 - Contribution to neurological and psychological function
  • B12 - Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Natural supplements in a HPMC capsule

Vegan, GMO free, Dairy free 

Made in the UK 

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